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Do It Like A Local (Pro) on Great Wide Open

By July 17, 2020 One Comment

The intense heat of a Moab summer can make your go-to outdoor recreation routine become somewhat tiring. But as Great Wide Open host Lisa Hathaway says, maybe its an opportunity to switch things up and try new and different activities. In Part 1 of a series she’s calling ‘Do It Like A Local (Pro),’ we hear from three Moab-based professional athletes on how to get started in their sport of choice.

We hear from Melissa Beaury about trail running, Jim Mundell on keeping ‘rubber side down’ with mountain biking, and Natali Zollinger on enjoying water in the desert through stand up paddle boarding. Remember – nobody starts out a pro, everyone takes tumbles sometimes, but the key to trying new things is an open mind and open heart.

Local ‘pros’ Melissa Beaury, Jim Mundell, and Natali Zollinger

One Comment

  • Melissa Beaury says:

    Nice! I Love this show. Thanks for having me on a second time. So much fun to share my love of running again. Great to hear about Jim’s mountain biking back story. I especially enjoyed listening to Natali describe the basics of paddle boarding. Excellent music to get stuck in my head for the next run. Looking forward to the next installment.

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