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Music Adds March 22, 2019

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Yeah Yeah Yeah's front woman Karen O., and ubiquitous experimental producer Danger Mouse team up on the lush and spacey "Lux Prima", opening with the dreamy 9 minute title track that hooks the listener in for the rest of the album. **HIGHLIGHTS****Best cosmic collision: Karen O & Dangermouse: Lux Prima**Best whistler of all time who does everything else amazingly too: Andrew Bird: My Finest Work Yet**Best fresh insight into a classic artist: Townes Van Zandt: Sky Blue**Best party in your ears and everyone’s invited: Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe: Gnomes & Badgers**Best reason to go to church: Aretha Franklin: Amazing Grace, the…

Music Adds March 15, 2019

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London-based African genre blenders and benders Ibibio Sound Machine have released their rich and infectious new album, Doko Mien, with frontwoman Eno Williams singing in both English and Ibibio--the Nigerian language the band takes its name from--along to danceworthy grooves at the crossroads of tradition and technology. **HIGHLIGHTS****Best reason to put on your dancin’ shoes: Ibibio Sound Machine: Doko Mien**Best reason bathrooms and garages still make great recording studios: Charlie Christmas: Weird Old ManBAND / ALBUM / LABEL / GENREAG Weinberger/Reborn/Bigfoot Records/BluesBlind Raccoon and Nola Blue/Collection Volume 1 /Blind Raccoon/Nola Blue/BluesBone Acre/Oll Korrect/s/r/RockBrandon Santini/The Longshot/American Showplace/BluesBuddahfly/Ancient Fire/Roots Musician Records/ReggaeCharlie Christmas/Weird…

Music Adds March 8, 2019

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With his new album, 'The Same But By Different Means,' like a perfect marriage of Brian Wilson and Stevie Wonder, Yves Jarvis soulfully and skillfully uses the studio to create sound that is patient, transcendental, sublime. With some songs as short as less than a minute, he is able to use space and brevity effortlessly together, so that you reach the end of each song’s journey looking back in wonder at all the places you’ve just been. **HIGHLIGHTS****Best use of both ears and an afternoon of undivided attention: Yves Jarvis:The Same But By Different Means**Best reason to crank the subs:…

Music Adds March 1, 2019

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Though added last week, I wanted to spotlight again Our Native Daughters, a collaboration of Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah, Leyla McCalla, & Allison Russell, who have a new album on Smithsonian Folkways that "shines new light on African-American women’s stories of struggle, resistance, and hope," tackling elegantly and deeply topics of slave narratives and early minstrelsy while expertly taking fresh ownership of the American folk tradition. "With unflinching, razor-sharp honesty, they confront sanitized views about America’s history of slavery, racism, and misogyny from a powerful, black female perspective." A must-listen! **HIGHLIGHTS****Best musical re-mapping: Christian Scott aTunde Adjua: Ancestral Recall**Best west…

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