“Voices of Youth – Moab” is a radio project designed to connect teenagers with the history, folklore, people and issues of their culture and community. The results are reciprocal: participating youth learn about their community, while their community is shown hidden elements that make up its unique character.


Voices of Youth began in 1999 as a program of the Western Folklife Center (WFC) in Elko, Nevada. It was originally created under the direction of WFC director Hal Cannon by WFC artistic director Meg Glaser, radio producer Jack Loeffler and photographer Bruce Hucko. The program was repeated in 2000. Selected photo and audio work from “Voices of Youth – Elko” travels the state through the Nevada Arts Council. You can hear selections from 1999 atwww.westernfolklife.org/voy. Voices of Youth then traveled to Fresno, California for two summers (2001 and 2003) under the auspices of the Fresno Arts Council in partnership with the WFC.

In 2002, Bruce Hucko received a National Endowment for the Arts Challenge America grant and used it to launch “Voices of Youth – Moab.” With special funding from KZMU as well as a few private donors, Hucko conducted a second summer program in 2004. This set the stage and interest for a Voices of Youth course at Grand County High School. In 2005, the Summer RadioWORK project was begun. Five students from the high school course are invited to spend part of their summer making radio. Thanks to local funding, each participant is paid $7/hour for 80 to 100 hours.

What’s Next

“Voices of Youth – Moab” hopes to partner with the local library, history museum as well as sources outside of Moab so teens can continue to creatively document life in Moab.

Special Thanks

“Voices of Youth – Moab” would like to thank: the staff, board and volunteers at KZMU, the Western Folklife Center, Peter and Anne Lawson, Colin Fryer, Jack Loeffler, Sound Partners for Community Health, The Benton Foundation, Mara Shurgot, Candee Pearson and Bon Kelly.

More Information

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PO Box 201
Moab, UT  84532
(435) 259-4176



by Ari Ferro
Having just gotten employed at an advertising/printing firm, Ari finds a need to explore his thoughts on the world he’s just entered. (Length – 4’40)


Skating as Sport
by Cheyne Reddington
Does skateboarding qualify as sport? Shane explores the idea. (Length – 2’14)

by Cori Santos
A portrait of a local Moab coffee house and how it has become much more for Cori and her community. (Length – 4’25)

Rock My Foundation
by Cori Santos
Last summer, Cori, 16, was unexpectedly “invited” to go live with her father in Rangely, Colorado. She was challenged to produce a piece about her experience, her unwanted feelings about being forced out of Moab for a time, and what that taught her about herself and he beloved hometown. This is really a love song for Moab. (Length – 8:00)

the Beach
by Cori Santos
One day while on the beach, on the Colorado River, Cori had an epiphany about love, place and our relationship to the Earth. (Length – 4:55)

by Cori Santos
Well, there’s this new tattoo………and a piercing……and a father who doesn’t want to see his daughter with either…..and then there’s feelings, and parental wishes, and conflict……..and this response. (Length – 4’34)

Condom Conundrum
by Cori Santos and Hailey Henderson
Cori and Hailey attended the 2008 First Amendment in Radio Journalism for Youth project during the annual NFCB conference. Their “homework” was to create a piece about the first amendment. Last Halloween, two fellow students came to school dressed as a sperm and a zygote. This piece explores just how far the first amendment goes on a Utah high school campus. (Length – 4:55)

Shut Up! and Be Quiet
by Danny Flahie
This is Danny’s first piece, a personal essay about his views of school as social environment. (Length – 6:00)

The Tears I Cry
by Devin St. Clair
Devin and his cousin Shaun are to white boys who make black hiphop and rap music among the red rocks of Moab. This piece is all original. (Length – 3’41)

by Grace Tyler
Fugitive describes a teen game played at night where the “game board” is the entire town of Moab. (Length – 7’28)

The Truffula Tree and WE!
by Grace Tyler
Grace finds renewed meaning for her generation in this old and beloved story. (Length – 4:54)

Hailey Sings!
by Hailey Henderson
A gifted young singer, Hailey creatively explores the 5-minute period before she goes on stage to sing…….and she does it in exactly 5 minutes! (Length – 5:00)

No Words
by Hailey Henderson
This is what sometimes happens when the audio mentor randomly challenges his class to come up with a new genre, a new way of making radio……….try one with NO WORDS for instance. And so, Hailey, Moab’s answer to Norah Jones, did. (Length – 6:52)

by Jamie Lamb
Jamie explores her favorite word on the eve of her high school graduation. (Length – 2’50)

River Witch
by Jamie Lamb
This local bit of folklore originated in and largely remains in the high school. Not unlike the story of La Llorona, it involves a young woman who dies in a car accident along the Colorado River. Jamie tracks the story back to its origin. (Length – 8’17)


Music A.D.D.
by Kira Wilson
Kira has this idea that people just don’t listen as intently to music as they used to, and as a result, they’re not getting the most out of the music they consume. This one really invites you to LISTEN! (Length – 4’38)

Self Expression
by Kira Wilson
One young woman’s ode to being oneself. (Length – 2’01)

Drug Scouts of America
by Kord Jackson
In this very personal, family related piece, Kord describes how drug culture has affected his family. This work is story mixed with personal admonition and insights on how to turn the tide on drug use in America. (Length – 20’27)


Mav Run
by Sam Webster
Mav Run describes the late-night-whenever-the-urge-strikes-teen-with-car Moab cultural phenomenon of going to the Maverick store as a means to combat boredom. (Length – 8’01)

Sleepless Nights
by Sam Webster
Teenagers and vampires have things in common. This is one teen’s view of his day….that begins at night! (Length – 3’30)

by Sam Webster
The audio coach cautioned the students about unwanted noises created by touching the mic or its cord. Well, what if those sounds WERE WANTED? (Length – 1’30)

Evolution vs. Creationism
by Zephyr Glass
Senior and debator Zephyr Glass dove into this subject as his first foray into radio. (Length – 6:02)

by Zephyr Glass
Zephyr deliver his current thoughts on America’s involvement with Israel. (Length – 4’40)

Crosstown Traffic
by Alyssa DiMare
Part 1 of an exploration of heart relations (Length – 3:51)

Perfectly Aligned
by Alyssa DiMare
Part 2 of an exploration of heart relations. (Length – 1:55)

by Cooper Henderson
A review of US immigration policy over time.. (Length – 4:40)

Video Games
by Cooper Henderson
Amongst all this natural beauty, the true nature of teens is revealed. (Length – 4:29)

by Cooper Henderson
Well, it is! (Length – 3:03)

by Cori Santos
An exploration of this famous “doll”… (Length – 8:53)

My Universe
by Cori Santos
How music affects her life… (Length – 3:49)

by Jamie Andrews
Child abuse and music… (Length – 2:35)

by Malia Groesbeck
An essay from personal experience. (Length – 5:05)

Sounds of Moab
Listen | Download
by Malia Groesbeck
There are stories in the sounds we hear.. (Length – 4:32)

My Symphony
by Brennan Knutson
Referred to as “the genius” by his fellow youth producer, this piece is Brennan’s testimony to the power of the individual voice and radio in his life. (Length – 3:00)

Is It Just Me
by Chad Chenault
A young, dedicated skater speaks out about being stereotyped. This piece has received great reviews from and was featured on both PRX and Generation PRX. (Length – 3:31)

Rockland Ranch
by Chase Clyde
Polygamy is a subject of great controversy these days, and not just in Utah. Chase has created thoughtful and thought provoking of Robert Foster, the polygamist leader whose families live in home built into a large sandstone butter outside of Moab. (Length – 16:28)

Man of the Hour
by Daniel Johnson
This piece creatively contemplates how there are stories and wisdom behind every face, including those that most of society doesn’t give a chance. (Length – 2:59)

The Spots
by Danny Domenick
As he prepares to go to college out of the area, Danny contemplates a few of his favorite places in the Moab landscape and what his experiences there mean to him. (Length – 3:31)

Anna’s Looking Glass
by Kelsey Howarth
Kelsey looks to a new friend to help her with her radio assignment and finds a whole new world of thought and travel. (Length – 7:35)

Losing Childhood Homes
by Andrew Brown
Growing up in South Salt Lake City, Andrew witnessed his grandfather’s farm get turned into condominiums. He sees the same thing happening in Moab and has a word of caution for all. (Length – 2:38)

Season’s Greetings
by Brennan Knutson
Brennan’s ascerbic wit and great radio skills are discovered for the first time in this piece about the commercialization of holidays. (Length – 2:34)

Summer Rant Trilogy – Part 2
by Chase Clyde (Length – 3:37)

Summer Rant Trilogy – Part 3
by Chase Clyde (Length – 9:45)

Just the Facts Please, OKthx
by Chase Clyde
Chase is Moab’s answer to Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and the like. This is the first in a two-year series of creative political commentaries by a very hip young man. (Length – 8:33)

Ode to Coach Ron Dolphin
by Chase Clyde
First impressions of a CNN-watching-must-be-republican teacher turn to respect and friendship. (Length – 6:12)

Summer Rant Trilogy – Part 1
by Chase Clyde
If you are NOT a fan of President Select Bush, you’re going to love these. If you are a fan…well, listen anyway…and prepare to throw vegetables at your radio. Chase Clyde for President! (Length – 6:25)

Anne Coulter’s Samurai Adventure
by Chase Clyde
You’re just going to have to listen to this one to believe it! (Length – 4:52)

The Music in Our Lives
by Daniel Johnson
A creative look at Moab’s very unique Xylophone Park. (Length – 5:44)

by Emily Bishoff
A youthful look at what it means to be a patriot…outside of politics. (Length – 4:19)

by Emily Bishoff
Emily takes a critical look at the aural and visual stimuli/pollution that hit us everyday. (Length – 8:45)

A Nation Divided
by Emily Bishoff
The political climate creates an ugly erosion of people, but here in the desert, erosion creates beauty. Emily explores the relationship of the two. (Length – 5:19)

The Sponge Bob Incident
by Keegan Stewart
A few years ago when the Sponge-Bob-Square-Pants Movie hit the theaters, a few of the blow-up figures were reported stolen from the top of Burger King outlets across the nation on national news. One of these was in Moab. This in the inside scoop. (Length – 5:49)

Paths of Childhood
by Malia Groesbeck
An exploration of how members of different generations grew up in Moab. (Length – 9:18)

Moab Changes
by Malia Groesbeck
From her family that’s lived in Moab for four generations, Malia discovers what’s changed in town. (Length – 6:11)

July 4th
by Malia Groesbeck
The summer assignment was “Patriotism, what does it mean to you?” Malia looked to how her family celebrated the 4th for an answer. (Length – 5:17)

Dangers of the River Road
by Megan Lamb
Beauty meets danger on Highway 128 along the Colorado river outside of Moab. (Length – 3:39)

Fourth of July
by Megan Lamb
Old letters from two grandfathers who served in the military cause Megan to consider what it means to be a patriot. (Length – 4:55)

I Can’t Wait
by Tessie Graham
For three years now, Tessie has worn a black armband in quiet protest of our President Select. This is her not so quiet essay on the topic of Mr. Bush’s English skills. (Length – 3:43)

They Say It’s in the Water
by Ashlye Davis
An incisive and fun look at Moab’s legendary Matrimony Spring. (Length – 4:21)

My Own Third World
by Ashlye Davis
Ashlye reflects on herself as if she were visiting a 3rd World country. (Length – 3:31)

Goodbye (for Steven)
by Ashlye Davis
Months after her friend Steven commits suicide, Ashlye courageously and creatively honors their friendship. (Length – 6:35)

Generations of Change
by Cody Dalton
The Dalton family has lived in Moab for over 4 generations. High school senior Cody employs his family connections to reflect on the nature of change in his hometown, which turned 100 the year he produced this. (Length – 15:05)

On the Rocks
by Brianna Simmons
Conversations with practitioners of Mountain Biking, Jeeping and Technical Climbing, the backbone of Moab’s tourist industry. (Length – 24:27)

Lower People – Lower Places
by Chris Storey
A gripping and forthright look at Moab through the eyes of the poor and disenfranchised. (Length – 18:17)

Portrait of a Minng Family
by Hayley Pearson
Perspectives on Moab’s historic hard-rock (uranium) mining lifestyle from members of a single mining family, with emphasis on the women’s insights. (Length – 20:48)

From Out of the Ground
by J. Michael Krause
An exploration of the cultural life and scientific after-effects of Moab’s uranium industry. (Length – 27:40)

The Lost Arts of Moab
by Jamie Stengel
The arts of flint-knapping (the making of arrowheads), blacksmithing, and raising sheep for weaving are discovered and explored in this piece. (Length – 19:39)

Behind the Badge
by Jill Hartsen
A day in the life of a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ranger from the perspective of his teen daughter. (Length – 18:06)

Sing Out Monument Valley!
by Navajo students with Bruce Hucko
Navajo students in a 10th grade English class explore the challenges of living in two very different oriented cultures in the shadow of one of the world’s most famous landscapes. (Length – 26:58)

From the Ground Up
by Sarah Stock
Conversations with two couples who are in the forefront of Moab’s alternative building culture. (Length – 21:37)