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Veterans in the Outdoors – This Week in Moab

By November 17, 2019 No Comments

What types of support systems exist for veterans returning home from service? On This Week in Moab’s Veterans Day Special, host Howard Trenholme learns about several individuals and organizations facilitating veteran healing through outdoor therapy in the Moab region. In-studio guests are Dave Frey, from Moab-based Veterans Charity Ride and Adventure Vet, as well as local veteran Mike Ballard. Guests talk about the importance of sharing experiences with other veterans and building networks of support. Also joining the discussion is Fred Solheim of Warriors on Cataract (10 min) and Rob Vessels, the Sierra Club’s Military Outdoors Campaign Manager (30 min). Tune in and learn more about the programs supporting veteran healing through Moab-based outdoor therapy. 

Learn more about the organizations featured in this episode below –

Warriors on Cataract

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