Uranium the Musical Radio Drama!

Uranium the Musical was inspired by historical documents and records of Moab’s uranium boom in the 1950s. Set in 1956, it features the “Uranium King” Charlie Steen and his wife ML, Milt and Audrey Galbraith of Milt’s Stop n Eat, Ed Abbey in his first year a s a ranger at Arches, and Jack Holley, known as the Goatman. The play also has a number of fictional characters. Sources include material by Maxine Newell, Jim Stiles, Mark Steen, the Museum of Moab, Ed Abbey, the Moab Times-Independent, Pete Byrd, and Wikipedia. The playwright used her imagination freely to envision a world that both Dicketta Privott and Charlie Sten could inhabit. Some of the words spoken by the real characters are their own — others are purely made up.

Act 1

Act 2