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The Storied Self on KZMU – A Radio Special!

By February 1, 2020 February 3rd, 2020 No Comments

What compels us to share our stories? What is it about that nearly primal drive to weave a tale for other people? Working that thread backwards, examine what happens when we share our stories. Through humor, pain, and collective experience we begin to see ourselves in one another. Storytelling – weaving human connection – is about as ancient as our DNA. 

In collaboration with the Storied Self, KZMU presents a radio special featuring seven different humans sharing their own stories, live onstage at the Moab Arts and Recreation Center. They spoke on the theme CHANGE back in October 2019. During the special, we also hear from two leaders of the Storied Self, giving insights into the event and the importance of storytelling as a means of connection. Settle in and give a listen. 

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