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Stay Safe, Help Prevent Fires

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It’s HOT and DRY out in our wildlands this spring! Local fire agencies want you to know that fuels on the forest and lower are like they would normally be around the end of June: DRY!!! With warm temperatures and no real rain, everyone needs to be extra cautious with all fire this spring. While it’s good to want to clean around your home and prepare for fire season, IT’S ALREADY HERE! More than 50 fires have been reported to the Moab Interagency Dispatch Center. Please dispose of grass, weed waste, and brush at the landfill, or in a safe place to burn later. If camping, it is really important to make sure your drown, stir, and feel your fire until it is COLD! Be sure to maintain your vehicles before trips, and make sure you check trailers for dragging chains. In this Southeast Utah drought, it’s going to take all of us. Please be extra careful. Brought to you by the fire agencies of the Moab Interagency Fire Center.

Name: Heather McLean
Phone: 435-636-3310

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