Operation Punk Subversion

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Socka Flocka Flame


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Conjuring the magic of underground punk, metal, noise and all weirdness to expand into communities of support, vibrancy and love!


  • Monday - 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm


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    • Cat Davis says:

      Is there any chance this program could be uploaded so I could listen to it online even if I miss the show when its live?

      • Sock says:

        Sorry this is a year late! I have never seen this section to leave comments! Go to “Music” and the past 2 weeks of shows are archived.

    • Madeline Ciofu says:

      Hi! I was listening to this show last night (Monday 3/30) and heard the dj talking about the library basement in fruitport! I’m from grand haven and have a bunch of friends who used to go there! I never made it myself but it was dope to here about the awesomeness that was created in fruitport. Michigan pride forever!

    • Sock says:

      Wow, I didn’t know there was this section to leave comments! Woah, Grand Haven!?!? I’m the DJ, Sock.. SOrry I didn’t see this until now!

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