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After a decade spent ruminating in the murky shadows of Friday night, Bob has lept into the blazing light of daytime broadcasting. What will become of his fresh and tangy style? Will his vinyl melt under the scorching sun? Will Miss P. follow him, or has this ended their partnership for good? Stay tuned as the saga unfolds…


  • Wednesday - 12:10 pm - 2:00 pm


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    • miguel says:

      hey bob,
      great to see you, albeit brief.
      hope all’s well.
      sorry i couldn’t hook up with you the next morning, had to run to colorado.

      also, my moab bands, The Pretty Uglies and Dwellers got signed to an online label.also available on spotify.
      Dwellers “love-less ash and gravel” l.p. and “sea the stars”e.p.
      The Pretty Uglies “art test” l.p.

      have fun.


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