Belagaana Review

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Petard Hoist


My oxy-Mormon background has inspired me to be pompous and self absorbed every chance I get so every other Saturday I self-center and head to the station for the new Belagaana Review, the culturally-eroded, pleasantly revolting, self-inflaming radio show.


  • Saturday - 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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    • Vienna says:

      Hi! I’m in Cali, at the beach…tripped-over something online that led me here. Just a couple of questions. One are u Dine (ie-Navajo)? Two what style music do u play…a variety?

      If you like new tunes that range from Pop, Jazz, Rock, Latin, Symphonic/Electronic, ALL on 1 album….i think your station has a copy (actually i Know they do!) of Trumpeter RON KING’s new

      CD called “Triumph”…. give it a listen…bet you will Find SOMETHING on there you Like immensely!

      Take Care,

      Vienna (Spencer) …a “Belagaana” (w/ 1/4 native blood, as well) : )

      • Kik Grant says:


        We are definitely a variety station; however, we are not specifically Dine. Thank you so much for your interest in KZMU public radio! We hope that you continue to Krank Ze Music Up!

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