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SCREE on This Week in Moab

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It’s now 150 years since John Wesley Powell’s famous 1869 Expedition down the Green and Colorado Rivers. A group of academics, artists, scientists, and storytellers are marking this occasion with the Sesquicentennial Colorado River Exploring Expedition or SCREE. This diverse group is right now re-tracing Powell’s path – not in reenactment of the past – but rather, a re-envisioning of the future that engages traditional, historic, and contemporary river ecosystem perspectives. The SCREE team will be in Moab this weekend to host a two-day event at the MARC called “Weaving Narratives and Policy: Storytelling on the Colorado Plateau.” Free and open to the public, the event will feature presentations on climate change and public lands, art and film, as well as Hopi dancing.  Several scientists and artists joined This Week in Moab host Molly Marcello to share their experiences and perspectives on the event. Tune in.

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