Science Moab debuts Friday on KZMU

By January 24, 2017 Announcement!

Science Moab debuts on KZMU Friday, January 27 at 11:30 am. A weekly half-hour program exploring current research going on within the Colorado Plateau and beyond, the show includes interviews with scientists about the fascinating fieldwork they are conducting in our area. Host Kristina Young explores basic ideas behind various scientific topics, the kinds of research that scientists do to answer their questions, and how current research can help us understand our changing world. Science topics span ecology, geology, chemistry, archaeology, hydrology, and any other -ology that might come our way.

Kristina also explores the human side of science by asking researchers why they chose to pursue science careers and what they most enjoy about the work they do.  The answers are broad-ranging and fascinating and include sticky topics, like the lack of gender, racial, and ethnic diversity within science.

Weekly science news updates will keep us up to date on the greater world of science.  This show’s main goal is to make the exciting research-based science going on in our region and our world accessible to everyone.

Host Kristina Young moved to the Southwest in 2010, and has spent her time studying the desert ever since. She worked for the USGS Southwest Biological Science Center in Moab for four years, and is currently finishing up her Master’s degree in soil ecology from Northern Arizona University, where she is a Wyss Scholar for Conservation of the American West. As a strong believer in the importance of science communication, Kristina loves talking about and exploring all things science.

Join her every Friday at 11:30 am for Science Moab.

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