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Refuse, Reduce, Reuse then Recycle – a conversation on sustainability in Moab

By July 3, 2018 No Comments

Faced with the stark realities of financial costs, growing tonnages, and shrinking staff, Moab’s recycling center no longer accepts certain items, including many types of plastic. How will this affect the Moab community? Will these changes force us to focus on the other “Rs”? Where do we go from here? KZMU wanted to know. Tune in for a lively discussion on these questions and more with Deborah Barton, Solid Waste Special Service District Manager, Mary McGann, the district’s board chair, Dr. Roslynn Brain McCann, USU-Moab’s Sustainable Communities Extension Specialist, and Stephanie Hamborsky, Community Outreach and Events Coordinator at Moonflower Community Co-op.

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