When will my PSA be added to the website?
PSAs are subject to approval before they are published to the website. Once you submit your PSA, KZMU management will be notified automatically. Once approved, your PSA will be displayed.

When do posts expire?
PSA posts expire (and are deleted) on the date you set.

What about privacy?
Information entered into the KZMU website (Lost and Found, Ride Board, Trading Post, etc.) is used solely for the website. No personal informaton will be kept by KZMU or shared with other organizations. Once a post is deleted, all information pertaining to that post is removed permanently.

A note on Intended Use/Offensive Language
The KZMU boards (Lost and Found, Ride Board, Trading Post, etc.) are intended to be a service to the community. Posts which make use of these boards for other purposes, or use offensive language, may be deleted without notice.