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Michael Chapman’s elegiac new record True North, the latest chapter in the long story of one of our greatest living guitar stylists and songwriters, navigates the same treacherous and tenebrous territory of time. The album begins with the gnawing regret of “It’s Too Late,” and every song Chapman sings thereafter directly references the passing of time—its blind ruthlessness, its sweet hazy delights—in noirish language almost mystical in its terseness and precision. This is Chapman at his darkest and most nocturnal, yes, but also his most elegant and subtle, squinting into the black hours with an unseen smile. -PoB
**Best musical version of digging in the dirt: Michael Chapman: True North
**Best way to trip around the cosmos in less than an hour: Y La Bamba: Mujeres
**Best Beachy Garage Rock for your trip to Big Sur: Harlem: Oh Boy
**Best Radiohead Jazz cover: Jack Kilby and the Front Line: Love Is a Song Anyone Can Sing


Alfredo Rodgriguez & Pedrito Martinez/Duologue/Mack Avenue/Jazz/
Anemone/Beat My Distance/Luminelle/Psych Pop/Planetary/
Black Cat Biscuit/That's How the Cookie Crumbles/Donor Productions/Blues/Big D/**digital**
Bob Mould/Sunshine Rock/Merge/Alternative/Pirate/
Cass McCombs/Tip of the Sphere/Anti-/Rock/Pirate/**digital**
Cochemea/All My Relations/Daptone/Multi/Daptone/Distiller/
Cyrille Aimee/Move On: A Sondheim Adventure/Mack Avenue/Jazz/
Eddie Arjun/Transition/Pheromone/Jam Rock/Blind Raccoon/
Glen Clark/You Tell Me/Glenco/Blues/Blind Raccoon/
Harlem/Oh Boy/Female Fantasy/Rock/Tigerbomb/**digital**
Harlem/Oh Boy/Female Fantasy/Rock/Tiger Bomb/
Herzog/Me Vs. You/Exit Stencil/Rock/Terrorbird/
Jack Kilby and the Front Line/Love is a Song Anyone Can Sing/s/r/Jazz/
Joey DeFrancesco/In the Key of the Universe/Mack Avenue/Jazz//
Julian Lage/Love Hurts/Mack Avenue/Jazz//
June Bisantz & Alex Nakhimovsky/Love's Tango/EH2U/Jazz/Kari-On/
Kait Dunton/Planet D'Earth/Real & Imagined Music/Jazz/Groov/
Knuckle Pups/San Panino/Wild Baby Records/Rock/Tiger Bomb/
Linette Tobin's Pangaea/The New Shape of the //Jazz/Kari On/
Michael Chapman/True North/Paradise of Bachelors/Folk/Paradise of Bachelors/
NOV3L/Novel/Flemish Eye/Post-Punk/Syndicate/
Pablo Dylan/The Finest Somersault/Laurel Canyon/Folk Rock/Airplay Junkie/
Panda Bear/Buoys/Domino/Rock/Domino/
Sam Huber/Acoustic Sessions/True Groove/Rock/Airplay Junkie/
Sir Babygirl/Crush on Me/Father/Daughter/Synth Pop/Terrorbird/
Talos /Far Out Dust/BMG/Electropop/Terrorbird/
The Lemonheads/Varshons 2/Fire/Rock/Tigerbomb/**digital**
Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson/Blues in My Blood/Nola Blue/Blues/Blind Raccoon/
Weird Omen/Surrealistic Feast/Dirty Water Records/Rock/Dirty Water/**digital**
Y La Bamba/Mujeres/Tender Loving Empire/Indie Rock/Terrorbird/

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