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By July 13, 2019 July 15th, 2019 No Comments
photo: Mutton on the grill at a Nourishing Traditions event earlier this year

The Moab Sun News often comes across interesting issues in the course of their regular reporting. Earlier this year, when managing editor Ashley Bunton attended the Nourishing Traditions gathering circle, she met Indigenous people living in Moab who had more than just one story to tell. So she wrote a series of articles about the unique issues facing some Native Americans in our community today. On KZMU’s extended newscast we discuss this series, spending time on one particular issue – housing, and what that looks like for one Native American woman working and supporting her family in Moab. Listen to the story with audio clips above ⬆️ and read the series below ⬇️

Indigenous communities are ‘Nourishing Traditions’ in Moab –

‘We’re Still Here’ –

Natives spend years searching for housing in Moab –

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