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Moab-based Nonprofits on This Week in Moab

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The Moab community is brimming with nonprofits, all doing incredibly important, mission driven work. The latest This Week in Moab hosted by Howard Trenholme scratches the surface of this effort by featuring several organizations as they look ahead in 2020.

First, Seekhaven Family Crisis & Resource Center’s Tess Barger joins the program to debunk common assumptions about the organization and chat about a new focus on programming and prevention. Then (16 min) Rhiana Medina, executive director of the Moab Valley Multicultural Center, talks about the organization’s latest expansions to immigration legal services and fighting homelessness. Later (28 min), Moab Free Health Clinic’s Doug Caylor explains how they provide resources for medically underserved populations as well as a new effort to address local substance abuse issues. And finally (42 min), Grand Area Mentoring’s Dan McNeil chats about the organization’s 15 years of improving student happiness and their new community-based mentoring for middle and high school students.

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Seekhaven Family Crisis & Resource Center

Moab Valley Multicultural Center:

Moab Free Health Clinic:

Grand Area Mentoring:

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