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Mayor Emily Niehaus on Great Wide Open Special Edition

By April 6, 2020 One Comment
Moab Mayor Emily Niehaus on the River

At this point, we’ve all heard the messages: Stay At Home! Go Outside! No Leisure Travel! Go Hiking! Well…which is it exactly? As Great Wide Open host Lisa Hathaway says in the intro of her special episode, “If I’m going to go outside, I’m not going to be staying at home. But if I’m staying at home, I’m not going to go outside.” To talk about where Moab residents stand in terms of outdoor recreation activities in the time of COVID-19, Hathaway speaks with Mayor Emily Niehaus. The conversation touches on the ins/outs of running socially distant lives, and – most importantly in Moab – managing ourselves in the outdoors. Tune in to this timely discussion.

One Comment

  • Melissa Beaury says:

    I loved this discussion. Great interview. So much useful information. Thank you for this, Lisa! Well done.

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