KZMU Music Director Serah Mead Named Utah Change Leader

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[Quoted from Molly Marcello’s article in the Moab Times Independent]

The Utah Division of Arts and Museums certified Moab resident and KZMU Music Director Serah Mead, along with 12 other participants across the state, as “Change Leaders” on May 4, 2016.

According to the Division of Arts and Museums, each change leader is tasked with developing an arts and cultural project to enhance his or her own community. The new “change leaders” have proposed a wide variety of projects, including holding focus groups about better utilizing buskers in Salt Lake City, implementing a community visioning program in Ogden, and trademarking Southern Utah University as the “University of Parks.”

“The Change Leader network is enhancing Utah’s communities with exciting arts and cultural projects,” said Gay Cookson, Director of the Utah Division of Arts and Museums. “We are delighted to welcome these newly-certified graduates to the growing network, and look forward to following their progress as they engage with their communities and fellow Change Leaders.”

Mead said her project, “Voices of Moab: The Women Who Live Here,” is designed to to generate conversation about feminism and the women of Moab.

“As a change leader, the goal is to make positive change in my community using arts and creativity as the main medium,” she said.

Mead plans to interview Moab women — both one-on-one and in group settings — to better understand the narrative surrounding the feminine culture of the community, specifically regarding “mentorship and sisterhood,” she said.

“It’s looking at feminism in Moab through the lens of mentorship and sisterhood,” Mead said. “I’ll interview folks who live and work here in Moab and ask them about how they got to where they are in their occupation — whether it’s a career or vocational — and find out who their mentors were in their life. Ideally if their mentors are in Moab, I could interview them and create a family tree of sisterhood in Moab.”

Mead said the project will air on KZMU this fall.

For questions related to the project or suggestions of women to interview, email Mead at

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