Radio Club Spring 2018

Radio Club Spring 2018 recorded a short radio play called the flies and took over the airwaves for one hour on Friday, March 16th. Hear both below!

The Flies
Written by Marty Durlin. Performed by Emma Anderson, Keith Stoughton, and Maggie Rutherford.

Radio Club Teenage Takeover

Radio Club Teenage Takeover Audio

Radio Club is an afterschool program that provides youth aged 11-14 experience in radio broadcasting. As a partnership with BEACON Afterschool Program,Radio Club pairs up to 6 students with a KZMU DJ and staff to learn all there is to know about Community Radio. Participants will learn everything from the history of the medium to music DJing to live foley and interview technique. The club takes place at KZMU studios atop Rocky Road in Moab, Utah, as well as in public spaces around town. The two week immersive program culminates with a live broadcast / teenage takeover where the club rules the airwaves.

This program combines Technology, Engineering, and Art, three of the five major elements in STE(A)M programming for youth. Kids Radio Camp will provide experience in media, analog and digital production tools, public speaking, writing, storyboarding, and, short range planning; all building blocks for career contemplation.

Maggie, Emma, and Keith in front of KZMU studios after recording the short radio play “The Flies.