KZMU News: Wednesday June 29, 2020

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What do community members want to see north of town? Is it a grocery store, housing, or RV Parks? Whether it’s all or none of the above, Grand County wants to know. The planning commission is working on a Small Area Plan for the node around Highways 313 and 191. Developers are interested in this area, and county representatives want local input to drive an updated vision plan. Plus later in the news, many states in the west are looking to get a handle on coronavirus by diving into the sewer.

KZMU News · Wednesday June 29, 2020

Show Notes

Photo: A February mockup of the proposed Willow Springs Campground. The Grand County Council voted against moving the project forward until a Small Area Plan is created for the node around Highways 313 and 191.

Public Comment Survey: Small Area Plan for 313/191…lMf1mxF7ZnGHNo

KUNC: In Colorado, Your Stool Is a Tool In The Fight Against Coronavirus…ronavirus#stream/0
SARS-CoV2 Sewage Monitoring in Utah
Instead Podcast/USU Office of Research: Flushed to a testing site, finding coronavirus in wastewater, with Dr. Roper & Dr. Sims…r-sims-day-99
The Salt Lake Tribune: Testing Sewage for coronavirus seemed to work. It detected the outbreak in Cache County.…1/testing-sewage/
Moab Sun News: Moab’s sewage, revealed…82c8f71eec.html

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