KZMU News: Wednesday April 1, 2020

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Today on KZMU News we talk with locals about food resources, which are slightly more complex during a health pandemic. Many community members are working hard not only to make sure friends and neighbors have enough food, but can safely and securely obtain it. Individuals and organizations are helping in the moment and planning for the future. Tune in to learn more.

Show Notes:

News is constantly changing related to local preparedness and COVID-19. KZMU has a community resource page on our website updated multiple times throughout the day. It has the latest on needs and assistance, closures and restrictions, and local media coverage. Find it at

Moab City Market, Manager Brendon Cameron Interview (00:00 – 11:00 min)

Thai Bella, Owner Bella Interview (11:00 – 14:00 min)

Moab Valley Multicultural Center, Executive Director Rhiana Medina Interview (14:00 – 18:00 min)

Grand County Food Bank, Co-Executive Director Drake Taylor Interview (18:00 – 21:00 min)…vices/food-banks/

St. Francis Episcopal Church, Dave Sakrison Interview (21:00 – 23:00 min)…-church-moab-ut

Grand County Public Library, Executive Director Carrie Valdes Interview (23:00 – 27:00 min)

Grand Center, Director Verleen Striblen Interview (27:00 – 30:00 min)

Moab COVID-19 Volunteers, Organizer Dave Bierschied Interview (30:00 – 34:00 min)

Youth Garden Project, Executive Director Kaitlin Thomas Interview (34:00 – 40:00 min)

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