There’s a new sign on the Mill Creek Parkway announcing a future bike skills park near a shady grove of trees, where several pathways intersect. This small sign tells community members where they can get more information on this project, one that – in recent weeks – has drawn a lot of attention and some heated conversation. For some, a beginner bike skills park is a friendly, welcome addition to the parkway. For others, the project represents yet another development, a loss of quiet spaces in the downtown corridor. Today on the news, we learn more about the project – its origins and next steps – as well as conflicting public values in public spaces.

KZMU News · Tuesday June 30, 2020

Robin Groff Memorial Park, Bicycle Skills Playground Sign

Moab Bike Skills Park Location, from FAQ Page

Moab Bike Skills Park Location, as the pathways intersect

Show Notes

Mill Creek Path Bicycle Skills Area FAQ…ills-area-FAQ

5/26/20 Moab Bike Skills Park Presentation/Project Update 
(starts at 1:28:00)

2/26/19 Moab Bike Skills Park Introduction to City Council
(starts at 00:25:00)

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