KZMU News: Tuesday January 22, 2019

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When the local plastic bag ban ordinance took effect January 1, Moab City joined hundreds of municipalities across the country also veering away from single use plastics.

“There’s over 230 cities and counties in the United States that have also enacted bans – and two states,” said USU sustainability professor Roslynn Brain-McCann, who led the local effort to ban single use plastic bags. “This isn’t a new concept. I just think that we’re ready to make changes…to improve our environment, because an unhealthy environment harms everyone’s children.”

And sometimes those children speak out too. Today we have a story from our partner station KVNF in Paonia, Colorado. They report on a group of seventh grade girls from Ridgway who formed a group with the goal of banning single-use plastic bags in their hometown. It took a year, but the Ridgway Town Council recently banned the bags. Tune in. 

[photo: Carry On, Ridgway Reuses group members Autumn Sagal, Indigo Krois, Eleni Wallin and Maizy Gordon stand in front of Ridgway Town Hall before a meeting. Courtesy KVNF]

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