KZMU News: Thursday September 20, 2018

By September 20, 2018 KZMU News

Controversy has again erupted over HB 224, legislation that requires Grand County change its form of government by 2020. The Lt. Governor’s Office says Grand County’s change of government process should be led by a group of citizen petitioners, all members of the local republican party. But the Grand County Attorney, council chair, and an independent law firm disagree, maintaining that the county council is still in charge of this process.

This particular disagreement may signal legal trouble ahead. Lynn Jackson, who led the citizen petition, told KZMU News that his group will “absolutely” seek injunctive relief if the county council “takes further action not in concert with the statute.” But Grand County Attorney Andrew Fitzgerald said that the council is supported by an unbiased and sound legal memorandum. “We are sticking by our legal memos,” Fitzgerald said, “and if anyone wants to say otherwise, a judge will have to tell us we’re wrong.”

Why does this matter? Well, the entity leading this process can better influence the political makeup of a committee that will select the next form of government. Tune in.

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