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The Dalton Wells area may see some campground improvements within the next year. The area is well-known for its paleontological resources, and – more recently – trash, litter, and general degredation due to an influx of unregulated camping. The Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands is hoping Grand County will help cooperatively manage future developed campgrounds. And later, in celebration of Juneteenth – the end of slavery in the United States – a state organization is encouraging Black Utahans to research their family story. Plus, we hear from three Indigenous men about the protests for racial justice and America’s legacy of oppression.

Dalton Wells Area. Tony Mancuso/Utah DNR

Show Notes:

6/16 Presentation on Dalton Wells Campground Improvements
(starts at 3:30:00)

UPR: Celebrating Juneteenth, Utah’s Black History With Genealogy…k-history-genealogy

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