Conservation groups are suing the Trump administration’s re-write of federal environmental review regulations, which they say could have a ‘staggering’ effect on public lands. According to the groups, transparency and accountability from the public – as well as scientific communities – are at stake. Several point to recent re-writes around vegetation removal projects, which they say will negatively impact pinyon pine and juniper forests. Plus later in the news, Grand County School District Superintendent Taryn Kay reviews the three different learning options for students this school year.

KZMU News · Thursday July 30, 2020

Show Notes

Photo: Upper Kanab Creek Mastication/Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

Bloomberg Law: Groups Launch Legal Fight Against Environmental Review Rules…l-review-rules
NEPA Rulemaking re: Pinyon Pine and Juniper Forests…gement-516-dm
NEPA Rulemaking re: Vegetation Removal Projects…gement-516-dm

GCSD 20-21 COVID-19 Student Re-Entry Options…Nl-DsNM31sas/edit
Parent Notification of Choice of Online or In Person Instruction…Oq1SF6nw/viewform

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