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Moab City’s new dark skies ordinance aims to lower light pollution and achieve an International Dark Sky Association standard. But what does this mean for residents who need to bring their properties into compliance within five years? In our spotlight on the Moab Sun News, editor Maggie McGuire explains. And later, Public Lands Corner host Chad Niehaus returns with several excerpts from a new federal memo about electric bike use on public lands. 

[Photo: Canyonlands National Park dark skies, Credit: NPS/Emily Ogden]

Public Lands Corner Show Notes –
DOI e-bike memo:
River flow:

One Comment

  • Chris says:

    Well that e-bike piece was not very informative…. here’s the real scoop:
    – the DOI does *NOT* set any rules/regulations/etc. for any trails
    – the order instructs the BLM/etc. to look at revising their rules within the next 30 days
    – actual rule changes may take much longer (because of public comment periods, etc)
    – in the meantime, E-BIKES ARE STILL ILLEGAL ON PUBLIC TRAILS – nothing has changed
    – none of this affects trails in the LaSal mountains (those are USFS, not subject to this order)
    In short – nothing at all has changed YET. In the meantime, keep your e-bike off the singletrack.

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