KZMU News: Friday May 29, 2020

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On the latest media roundup with The Times-Independent, editor Doug McMurdo reports on Moab City’s recent job cuts due to plummeting sales tax revenue. Plus, Grand County’s jobs continue to be hard hit, search and rescue stayed busy over Memorial Day weekend, and COVID-19 testing ramps up. And later, a feature on the local kid whose quick thinking earlier this month saved a fire from getting out of control. Tune in.
Show Notes:
City cuts jobs to bridge huge tax loss…dge-huge-tax-loss/
Employment data confirms Grand is among worst hit in state…orst-hit-in-state/
Broken bones in Left Hand…ones-in-left-hand/
Widespread testing is key to Moab’s path forward…oabs-path-forward/
Youth spots fire, alerts authorities…lerts-authorities/

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