KZMU News: Friday March 20, 2020

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KZMU News chats with Carter Pape, staff writer at The Times-Independent, about the whirlwind events of the past week as Moab safeguards against and gathers resources for COVID-19. From a health department order placing restrictions on overnight lodging and dine-in restaurants, to local school closures, and new grocery store measures. All the local novel coronavirus precautions are discussed.

Show Notes:

‘Moab Hospital Thanks Governor, Health Department for Swift Actions’…for-swift-actions/
‘All Moab Hotels Now Closed to Nonlocal Visitors’…nonlocal-visitors/
‘Moab Officials Plead Stay Home After Report That Visiting National Parks May Be Safe’…parks-may-be-safe/
‘Romney – Give Every American Adult $1000’…erican-adult-1000/

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