KZMU News: Friday July 3, 2020

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Today on the news, we speak with Grand County Council Chair Mary McGann about a local face covering order, which she and her colleagues will consider for a vote on Tuesday. She hopes mandating face coverings will help protect Moab’s employees who regularly interact with the public. Health experts have noted the importance of wearing a mask when social distancing is difficult, especially because presymptomatic and asymptomatic individuals could spread COVID-19 to others. And later, local demonstrations in support of Black Lives Matter continue in our region. 

Plus (13:00), we round out the week with Doug McMurdo, editor of The Times-Independent. He discusses some of their top stories, including Grand County’s desire to mandate face coverings locally, a man’s guilty plea to two counts of manslaughter in the car crash that killed a local father and son, primary election results in the Utah Governor’s race, and Eklecticafe closing its doors. 

KZMU News · Friday July 3, 2020

Show Notes

KZMU News: Grand County’s Council wants to mandate face coverings; Wednesday July 1, 2020

KZMU News: Community spread of COVID-19 is now evident; Thursday July 2, 2020

KDNK: Black Lives Matter Protests Continue in Carbondale and Glenwood Springs

The Times Independent –

Gov. approves Grand mask mandate; specific order pending council vote

Masks are a must: Council votes 5-2 to require face masks in public; seeks Guv’s approval

Man pleads guilty to double manslaughter

GOP’s Cox, Reyes move on to General Election

Eklecticafe was cramped but quaint. Then the virus hit

Fire danger posing risks to safety; public support needed to reduce blazes

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