The sounds of summertime in Moab are familiar yet different this season. Some kids sell homemade lemonade – while wearing face masks and using hand sanitizer. Two best friends have a casual baseball practice, and say summer has been alright because they’re still allowed to hang out. And produce and artisan vendors sell their wares at the Market on Center – while carefully minding social distance.

Plus (13:00), our roundup with The Times-Independent. Staff writer Carter Pape discusses bleak unemployment numbers in Grand County, the plan for schools reopening, and separate structure fires that displaced local residents. And, a rare melanistic deer who died in Moab is preserved by a taxidermist.

KZMU News · Friday July 24, 2020

Summer lemonade stand with masks and hand sanitizer

Show Notes

Market on Center Info…jw1XhB8wF6PBUVwg

The Times-Independent Mentions

Jobless future is bleak as shoulder season looms…lder-season-looms/
Volunteer gig reduces man’s benefit checks…ns-benefit-checks/
In-person schooling will begin Sept. 8; parents may opt for online learning…r-online-learning/
Separate fires destroy two local homes, displacing residents…placing-residents/
Finding a home for Coal: Taxidermist preserves rare black deer that died in December…-died-in-december/

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