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Graffiti and Vandalism on Public Lands – This Week in Moab

By July 31, 2019 2 Comments

Moab area residents know that graffiti and vandalism doesn’t just happen in big cities, it happens every day on nearby public lands. You can find it in the backcountry, in our National Parks, at important natural and cultural resources. And as visitation rises, so do incidents of graffiti and vandalism. How can we turn the tide of this behavior? How do we get from vandalizing to respecting and protecting? This Week in Moab features a discussion with three people close to the topic – Keri Nelson, backcountry/wilderness coordinator at the Southeast Utah Group of the National Parks, Lisa Bryant, public affairs specialist for the Canyon Country District at the Bureau of Land Management, and Sue Baril, longtime volunteer in the treatment of graffiti and vandalism on public lands.


  • Andrew says:

    Honestly people in this town need to learn how to put their foot down because we’re allowing all these tourists to come into our town and then what do they do the explicit their self and they write everything they can on all over and landmarks and everything honestly what I believe should happen is that more sign should be made and posted at the locations of our national structures and stuff so then they will not write anything on them cuz right now yeah the sign may be way back at the beginning of the trail they get there and then I’ll let’s write on this cuz there’s no sign obviously we need to figure out a system that keeps people informed to not do this or suffer the consequences and also they need to know that when they come to our account they don’t run our town they are tourist here this is our town so it just drives me insane but they flood our stores and they flood our streets and their they’re disrespectful honestly somebody needs to take action in this town because literally it’s getting crazy every single year here and we’re getting disrespected

  • Drewer says:

    An is there a way we can get some more translators here to help when tourist cone in an we don’t know what there saying or they don’t know what we’re saying. Is there away somebody can help out like even teach them while they are here. I mean trying to explain to somebody an there like I don’t under stand it’s like the room just filled with crickets. But nothing has been done before or yet. So I guess we just sit back an take all the hate they give. It’s crazy you get chewed out cause Utah does things different from where there from an they don’t understand.

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