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Get An Earful – Tensions in the Local Healthcare Community

By January 31, 2020 No Comments

On the extended newscast, we speak with Moab Sun News editor Maggie McGuire about tensions over a health clinic planned for the San Juan County side of Spanish Valley. There are several different lenses with which to view this issue – through one lens, more healthcare services could mean more choice, giving options to locals valley-wide. Through another, you see that duplicating services may equate to rising healthcare costs, potentially leaving providers and patients worse off than before. In the absence of a regional study, these perspectives are difficult to weigh. So politics fills in the gap, and some Grand County elected officials are reluctant to speak up about another county’s plan. It’s a big conversation, so we start from the beginning.

Show Notes:

‘Unhealthy competition? Moab Regional Hospital calls for a slowdown on proposed Spanish Valley Clinic’ –…9a50c9a324.html
‘The View: On healthcare, it’s not just a matter of choice’ –…bddd9b5bdf.html

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