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Edward Abbey, Racism, and the Borderlands on Get An Earful

By December 21, 2018 One Comment

What does it mean to call out an environmental hero for his white privilege and racism? Today on Get An Earful, we hear from local writer Max Granger, who did just that in a new narrative nonfiction piece, “From Solitaire to Solidarity.” Granger has spent seven years volunteering seasonally for No More Deaths, a migrant solidarity project providing direct humanitarian aid to people crossing the border in southern Arizona. He’s thought a lot about Edward Abbey in relation to these borderlands – after all, it’s where the environmental legend was carefully laid to rest. It’s also where thousands upon thousands have not so carefully lost their lives, people Abbey called “illegal aliens” and “culturally-morally-genetically impoverished.” Granger visited the KZMU studios to discuss his new narrative piece on these issues, and to describe the state of the southern Arizona border. Tune in.

Find Max Granger’s piece here ⬇️

Find No More Deaths here ⬇️

One Comment

  • Tandy Sturgeon says:

    Loved this important interview between two eloquent persons on what will someday be known as the US Borderlands Genocide. Check it out.

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