Downtown Abbey: Season 2

A satirical spoof of modern day Moab…brought back around…
The drama comes back to life in the KZMU studios high atop Rocky Road. Broadcasting live from Star Hall, using a Foley Box for sound effects and keyboard for music, KZMU presents the Season 2 original radio drama with a host of talented local actors, musicians and crew.

Written by KZMU manager Marty Durlin, Downtown Abbey:Season 2 is inspired by Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire, last year’s Downtown Abbey introduced a Moab of a parrallel universe, where Ed Abbey’s fifth cousin twice removed capitalized on the “industrial tourism” that is changing the face of the town. Enter Gleebnor and Baldo from the planet Gloob, threatening to annihilate the human race for its environmental crimes against all living things on Earth.

This year’s performance includes three episodes live at Star Hall and recording them for broadcast on KZMU in March!

The first-season cast returns, joined by local kids, portraying the Glooban adolescents Glibblet and Galore, and their half-human, half-Glooban siblings Golly and Gee Whiz.

The cast includes Michael Ford (Stoke) Dunton, Christy Williams Dunton, Jenna Talbott, Keith G, Peggy Hodgkins, Ken Slake, Jeremy Lynch, Melissa Graciosa, Brett Bentley, Michaelene Pendleton, Doni Kiffmeyer, Kik Grant, Serah Mead, Lisa Church, Oscar Niehaus, Lilly Van Sickle, Aubree McAlister, and Amelia Van Sickle.The crew includes Marty Durlin as director. Marlene Mody & Doni Kiffmeyer on foley box. Jessica Retka on keyboard. Sound provided by Bob Owen & Dave Montgomery. Additional support from Jeremy Lynch and Pimo.

Listen to Downtown Abbey: Season 1

Downtown Abbey: Season 2 Episode Media

Downtown Abbey:Season 2 is brought to you in part by the Moab Arts Council and its partnership with KZMU.

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