Downtown Abbey Season Two starts Saturday March 11 on KZMU

By February 27, 2017 Announcement!

Tune in on Saturdays at 4 pm on March 11, March 18 and March 25, for episodes of KZMU’s original radio drama, Downtown Abbey Season Two. Each episode will be archived on after it is aired. Season Two features more music, more actors and a cleaner sound, courtesy of a generous grant from the Moab Arts Council, which enabled KZMU to purchase a new mixer.

Downtown Abbey is Edward Abbey’s fifth cousin twice removed. A mover and shaker in a Moab of a parallel universe, Downtown’s adventures continue on the alien planet Gloob and then back on Earth, where he is called upon to “gamble with the fate of all humanity.”

Shown in the photo, cast and crew of Season Two, performed live at Star Hall in Moab on February 18 and 19. Back row: Marlene Mody, Bob Owen, Jessica Retka, Melissa Graciosa, Jeremy Lynch, Peggy Hodgkins, Kik Grant, Christy Williams Dunton, Jenna Talbott, Brett Bentley, Serah Mead, Ken Slake, Emily Niehaus, Michael Ford (Stoke) Dunton, Michaelene Pendleton, Keith G, Doni Kiffmeyer, Tiffany Van Sickle. Front row: Aubree McAlister, Amelia Van Sickle, Lilly Van Sickle and Oscar Niehaus. Not pictured: Marty Durlin, Lisa Church.

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