“Downtown Abbey” is a finalist for the Mark Time Award!

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Episode 3 of KZMU’s radio drama Downtown Abbey, titled “Denial in so many forms,” has been selected as a finalist in the Mark Time audio theatre competition, a project of the Firesign Theatre ( The winner will be announced by David Ossman on June 9 at the Hear Now Festival in Kansas City, ( Congratulations to cast and crew!

Downtown Abbey was written and directed by KZMU manager Marty Durlin, and performed by local actors and musicians including Michael Ford Dunton, Christy Williams Dunton, Keith G, Doni Kiffmeyer, Ken Slake, Jenna Talbott, Peggy Hodgkins, Jeremy Lynch, Melissa Graciosa, Michaelene Pendleton, Brett Bentley, Brian Coulter, Miriam Graham, Zina Brown, Marlene Mody, Bob Owen and Serah Mead.

The satirical drama was inspired by Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire. It was performed live from the KZMU studios and Star Hall in February and March of this year.



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