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DJ Spotlight Jan. 17, 2020: DJ Volver

By January 17, 2020 January 31st, 2020 No Comments
DJ Name: DJ Volver
Show Name: Manteca-every Wednesday 2-4pm
Time on the air at KZMU: since May 2017.  Co-Hosted 'Ritmo Latino' 2010-11, hosted 'Hip-Hop 911' 2015-16.
Brief Bio: I'm a white guy who grew up bilingual in the Upper-Midwest, I've spent lots of time all throughout Latin America, and often found myself wondering where the
juicy challenging radical dirty and complicated music is.  Manteca is an exploration of that question. What I've learned: It's definitely there, especially if you start in Colombia and
continue outwards.
Elevator Pitch/what can listeners expect from your show?:
Current and classic Western Hemispheric with Latinx roots, emphasis on Cumbia and Alternative
How would you describe your show to your grandma?:
New Spanish language tunes and not a lot of talk.
Who is your #1 fan?:
Jon Kovash [MD Note: totes true! Manteca was my dad's fave show on the boombox while building our house!]
Desert Island Album/Artist:
Outkast - Aquemini
Guilty Pleasure Album/Artist/Song:
Madonna - Self Titled (1983)
Fill in the blank: Community Radio makes see my community in full color.
Best or worst on-air moment:
A chain of profanity-laced songs played one year in early December at about the same time everyone was driving home from the Electric Light Parade.
If I you were a piece of outdated audio equipment what would you be and why:
CD Walkman.  Because I spent the better part of my adolescence believing my life would be complete by having my own.  Especially the yellow Sony one.

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