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‘Creativity, Constraint, and Adaptation’ – Artist Sam Zim on Art Talks

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Constraint, adaptation, the wild card – these are the themes evoked by this uniquely global moment, among which creatives and artists must still find a way forward. Tune in to a very special Art Talks – first broadcast on March 16th – where host Shari Zollinger navigates some big questions with Moab-based artist Sam Zim. They discuss Zim’s artistic background, her role as the 2020 Community Artist in the Parks, and the process of illustrating – both art and story – at a time where the world feels different. Says Zim, “given the type of constraint that everybody is feeling around the world right now, creativity is more important than ever… How can you find ways to function within this constraint that’s been exacted? How can you draw on your own creativity to flourish right now even though things are very difficult?” It’s a thought-provoking conversation for this incredibly unique time. 

Sam Zim Art:

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