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Creation and Impermanence – Moab artist PiMo on Art Talks

By April 25, 2020 2 Comments
Pete Apicella and his mother Carol

Of all types of people, the artist might be the most intimately familiar with creation and impermanence. On a very unique Art Talks, Moab artist Pete Apicella (PiMO) discusses these concepts, not only in relation to art but also to family and home. His mother Carol passed away earlier this month in his homestate of New York, after exposure to novel coronavirus. On a beautiful Easter Sunday morning, PiMo discussed his mother’s death during a global pandemic, the concept of home, and the role of art – both in consumption and creation – during traumatic experiences. 


  • andi lynch says:

    Molly and PiMo, I so enjoyed listening to every minute of this, ( Jeremy sent it to me).
    My heart opens to you both across the miles. And by the way, I made soup while listening here in New York.

  • herba says:

    Excellent interview…I applaud both of you! Thank you for your heart warming expressions PiMo….very moving. It’s always a delight to see you when we’re out wandering around enjoying our beautiful little town. Running into you on Mill Creek when you were creating the “wire memorial” for your mother was such a special experience for me. You add so much to our community with your art work and your presence. Herba

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