Community Rebuilds Interns Team 2016 celebrate culmination of work study with Open House

Community Rebuilds spring 2016 interns dropped by the studio to invite listeners to attend the open house celebrations of the program’s most recent recipients, owner builders Chad Kaitlin and Graham Thomas, and Sarah Ball.  By the end of 2016, Community Rebuilds will have partnered and built a total of 23 homes and educated roughly 180 students in the rural communities of Utah, Colorado and Arizona since their start in 2010.

The internships provide muscle to the program’s success, which draws participants from all over,  many in the high desert for the first, unforgettable time.  Community Rebuilds director, Rikki Epperson, sent the class of spring semester up to KZMU for a visit with Christy Williams Dunton on friday’s 123.

This set of interns share their love of Moab, building in teams, and many of them are truly remarkable musicians.  We’ve recorded some teensy tiny desk concerts from Katherine Haig, intern and cellist, as well as Jennica and Casper, who have a debut duet at KZMU, available soon.  Community Rebuilds offers energy-efficient housing, provides education on sustainability and improves the housing conditions of the workforce through an affordable program. Learn more about them here:

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