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Climber + Physician Noah Kaufman on Great Wide Open

By May 16, 2020 No Comments
As an avid rock climber and emergency room physician, Noah Kaufman has a unique perspective about recreating during COVID-19. On the latest Great Wide Open, host Lisa Hathaway covers a lot of ground with Kaufman, including how novel coronavirus has affected rock climbing and recreation at large, as well as our social and political relationships. There’s so much to discuss, there are two parts to this episode! Climbers, you’ll especially want to hear part two as the pair discuss the burning questions like, “to chalk or not to chalk? Does alkalinity matter?!” Tune in for an excellent conversation between fellow climbers and friends about keeping each other safe – while still having fun.  
Here’s Lisa’s take on Noah:
“Attempting to encapsulate Noah in a bio is akin to trying to capture Tinkerbell—no one should clip those wings. But let’s try: an extraordinary athlete, as evidenced by his success as an America Ninja Warrior, Noah is first-and-foremost a rock climber, with a seemingly insatiable stoke for exploration and new route development. And then there’s the passionate husband, father, emergency room physician (on the front lines of treating patients with this virus), classical guitarist, thinker, and financial consultant with a keen interest in macroeconomics. He loves helping people, creating value in the world and making it a better place.”


Part One

Here the duo discuss the big questions, like how novel coronavirus has affected recreation at large, and how it affects our social and political relationships.



Part Two

In the second installment, the pair get into the nuts and bolts of climbing during the pandemic. Hear about the procedures climbers can follow to ensure personal and community safety while recreating. 

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