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Change of Government, Medical Marijuana, and Redistricting on This Week in Moab

By September 25, 2018 No Comments

Grand County’s voters have a lot to consider this November. This Week in Moab host Howard Trenholme features three noteworthy ballot propositions that could change the status quo locally and across the state. Grand County Attorney Andrew Fitzgerald weighs in on Proposition 9 – a measure that asks if Grand County should form a study committee to recommend a change in county government (30:00 min). This seemingly benign question is steeped in controversy, and Fitzgerald wades through the proposition’s history and what it means for the community if it passes or fails. Also on the program is Connor Boyack, the president of the Libertas Institute, who discusses medical marijuana under Proposition 2 (16:00 min). Boyack talks patients rights, and addresses the central criticisms of the ballot measure. And finally, Trenholme interviews Blake Moore from Better Boundaries, the group behind Proposition 4 (01:00 min). This ballot measure would create an independent redistricting commission to redraw Utah’s districts under new standards. If it passes, Moab would likely see future changes to it’s currently divided situation. Tune in and learn more about your local ballot!

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