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Sustainable Communities on This Week In Moab – with host Howard Trenholme

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Many locals in Moab have made the word “sustainable” part of their daily vocabulary. It’s just in the air now, especially as tourism rises with the rent and new construction questions local resources like water. Join host Howard Trenholme as he discusses Moab’s sustainability from many different angles. Guests are Zacharia Levine, Grand County’s Community and Economic Development Director, Jeremy Lynch, Water Conservation and Drought Management board member at Moab City, and Jason Pronovost, Resiliency Hub board member and natural builder. Tune in!

Book Club: Papers, tea and Desert Solitaire

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Marty Durlin, Andy Nettell and Shari Zollinger discuss rare books and papers, Lisa See’s new novel “The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane,” and commemorations of the 50th anniversary of Edward Abbey’s “Desert Solitaire.”

Cooperative Economics on Datura Dialogues – with host Steph Hamborsky

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Cooperative economics deals with many issues, from businesses models to management and workplace democracy. Tune in as co-op expert George Cheney joins host Steph Hamborsky in an all-encompassing discussion. They talk co-ops past, present, and future. [image credit:]  

Museum of Moab on This Week in Moab – with host Christy Williams Dunton

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Check in with the past, present, and future of the Museum of Moab. As current director John Foster prepares to leave at the end of the month, consultant Forrest Rodgers will step in and direct a major remodel this fall. Christy Williams Dunton interviews the pair about the remodel and an overhaul of the museum’s exhibits.

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  • Theresa says:

    Assuming that the booktalk filled in for this regular Monday show…
    Listened to parts of Andy and Julia’s booktalk today. Is there a printed list available online? I didn’t catch all the author names or spelling, partly because I was driving home from work…. any help would be appreciated.

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