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KZMU News: Friday September 21, 2018

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KZMU welcomes Times-Independent staff writer Rose Egelhoff to the studios to discuss some important issues in Moab this week. The latest drama over HB 224 dominates the discussion, as well as Moab City’s request to classify testimony in the Rebecca Davidson case. Other items of note – locals can now check out wifi hotspots from the library, a county committee intends to study tourism impacts, and trail mix might now be housed in Grand County. Tune in!

Moab Community Childcare on Get an Earful

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Moab’s parents – especially those with young children – understand the difficulties when it comes to finding available childcare. A recent survey by the group Moab Community Childcare revealed striking data when it comes this issue and the impacts it has on employment and public health. The group is hoping to tackle the daycare shortage in Moab, by pulling together caregivers and childcare services. KZMU News spoke with MCC representatives – Audrey Graham and Libby Bailey – about this issue. Tune in!

KZMU News: Thursday September 20, 2018

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Controversy has again erupted over HB 224, legislation that requires Grand County change its form of government by 2020. The Lt. Governor’s Office says Grand County’s change of government process should be led by a group of citizen petitioners, all members of the local republican party. But the Grand County Attorney, council chair, and an independent law firm disagree, maintaining that the county council is still in charge of this process. This particular disagreement may signal legal trouble ahead. Lynn Jackson, who led the citizen petition, told KZMU News that his group will “absolutely” seek injunctive relief if the county…

KZMU News: Wednesday September 19, 2018

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Mayor Neihaus appointed to Utah League of Cities and Towns board Dancers and “stars” gear up for Multicultural Center event Bears Ears Education Center opens this weekend


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