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KZMU News: Wednesday September 19, 2018

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Mayor Neihaus appointed to Utah League of Cities and Towns board Dancers and “stars” gear up for Multicultural Center event Bears Ears Education Center opens this weekend

KZMU News: Tuesday September 18, 2018

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Water in the desert is a precious resource…but, exactly how precious? Ashley Bunton, the managing editor of the Moab Sun News recently reported on what we currently know about water in the Moab community. Turns out, there’s a lot of speculation as the U.S. Geological Survey finalizes it’s three-year water study to measure the area’s available groundwater. Once those numbers go public, they will carry a good deal of influence when it comes to creating a new state-led groundwater management plan. Ashley stopped by KZMU studios to give us an update on this desert resource.

KZMU News: Monday September 17, 2018

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A $2.4 million project begins this week on 100 West, as crews begin replacing an aging and failing sewer line under the roadway. They will also extend the city’s trail system by creating a new multi-use pathway for bikes and pedestrians along 100 West. City officials ask for patience from residents these next few months as they make critical health and safety improvements. Updated information on the project can be found on Moab City’s Facebook page and website,

Molly McClish on Bullying and Suicide Prevention

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Molly McClish says Utah needs to implement major changes when it comes to bullying and suicide prevention in schools. She recently spoke before the Utah State Board of Education, illustrating six necessary components she says will help keep all kids safe at school. McClish has worked relentlessly for change after her 13 year old daughter died by suicide in 2017. She says bullying and the environment at Grand County Middle School were contributing factors in her daughter’s death. KZMU News spoke with McClish about the need for greater protections for the most marginalized at school, including LBTQIA identifying youth. Find…


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