KZMU launches new Web Player

KZMU is thrilled to announce that we’ve upgraded our live streaming web player! Simply go to on your PC, laptop, or mobile device and click on the big orange Play Button located in the center of the home screen.

This new player was developed by a company called Radio Rethink and was designed specifically for Community stations like ours! This new web player offers listeners a more interactive interface that will allow you to keep up to date with our DJ’s playlists (when they make them), KZMU News, Word of the Day and more. Also, if you are listening on your tablet or mobile device, you can add a custom KZMU icon to your homescreen! Now you’re just one tap away from Kranking Ze Music Up with your favorite community radio station!

This is not an app, but it’s certainly app-ish. You do not need to install anything special to your phone, computer, or tablet to enjoy this new player. And if you currently stream our station through iTunes or another media player on your computer, this service has not changed.

Thank you for your listenership!

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