Amber DaltonAmber Dalton

I host Moab Mamas the first Monday of every month! I co-own a hair salon in town, Amber Waves Salon. I have been in Moab 17 years. I river guide part-time. I love the outdoors.

Andy NettellAndy Nettell

Andy moved to Moab in 1989, working with the National Park Service for the next ten years. He then bought Music of Moab, which he owned until opening Arches Book Company in 2001. He now owns and runs Back of Beyond Books. He has been involved in KZMU wince the station's first day on the air.

Bob LippmanBob Lippman

Got some things to talk about, here beside the rising tide.... Riverman, natural lawyer and monkey rancher Backofbeyondananda, brings great-full, big medicine resonance to the vast audio radiance. Hangin' 10 while hosting the acid test on Fire on the Mountain (Gratefully Deadicated...), playin' for change on Kokopelli Coffeehouse (don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows...), and gettin' radio-active on This Week in Moab and Free Speech Friday (sending out an S.O.S....). Music is Love; let there be song to fill the air.

Chad WilsonChad Wilson

Chad Wilson, Ill Beats Radio, Saturday 7-9 pm
Chad is a record collector. Ill Beats features Golden Era Hip Hop, and every show is all vinyl!

Chris PrenticeChris Prentice

From the Pacific Ocean to the Intercontinental Rocky Mountains to the High Desert, James T Kirk has wandered in search of surrealistic experiences. The Rock Wasteland eminates from the core of those wanderings, an attempt to bring order to chaos!

Christy Williams DuntonChristy Williams Dunton

Program Director Christy Williams hosts This Week In Moab, 1-2-3 and Times Top 5. She's a "radio lifer" who has done major market radio broadcasting, but prefers Moab's independent creative latitude. Because the art of sound and image can transform anything it encounters, radio is an alchemical medium through which she aims to create more beauty and truth; to contribute positively to the community's cultural well. In addition to her radio shows for KZMU, Christy's a writer and independent radio producer of science and environmental programming. She is also a contributing oral historian for the Aileen H. Clyde 20th Century Women's History Archive for the University of Utah's Special Collections. She maintains a private practice as a licensed spiritual counselor, and is known for compassionately aiding and abetting the liberation of the inner voice. She finds KZMU to be a living kaleidoscope, an active experiment in community building and a privilege to participate in.

David "Spark" LivermoreDavid "Spark" Livermore

David ‘Spark’ Livermore was never the president of his high school radio club but he did take an electronics course in college in which he built a radio as a diversion from his studies as an illustrator. Spark’s current expertise with computers comes from many hours of misspent adulthood and the emergence of the graphical user interface, which for a spacialy oriented person was, as he has pointed out, “my technological six shooter”, the great equalizer in a linear world.
In one of his many adult mid life crises, Spark was a DJ, spinning CDs for local parties in Hood River, OR, and when moving to Utah in 1999, he became attracted to KZMU ‘like a moth to a flame’. His first radio show was “Rhythm Quest” and for a while he hosted “The Atomic Lounge”.
He came to work for KZMU originally to catalog it’s extensive CD library as a volunteer, but was quickly press ganged into service programming a late night alternative to the KRCL feed which has become known colloquially as the JukeBox. Over the years his duties have expanded to include managing the stations digital music catalog and keeping it’s computers whipped into shape.

DJ BaloogaDJ Balooga

DJ Balooga who promises upbeat, eclectic, folky mixes to get you going for your weekend.

DJ CronkiteDJ Cronkite

DJ ET + DJ Cronkite of On Deck are a mitten-born, western-hearted sibling duo who have planted roots in Moab, Utah. They always have music on the brain + can often be- found tapping toes to the fresh beats (his left foot + her right).


DJ DK will often sub for the Tilted Park show. DJ DK has native roots to the Moab area and loves being apart of KZMU.


DJ ET + DJ Cronkite of On Deck are a mitten-born, western-hearted sibling duo who have planted roots in Moab, Utah. They always have music on the brain + can often be- found tapping toes to the fresh beats (his left foot + her right).

DJ HoneywineDJ Honeywine

Originally from a small coastal village in the Bay Area of California, DJ Honeywine is passionate about showing the music she loves. From contemporary psych-folk to horn-ridden tropicalia and Afro-beat, it's all fair game. Serah loves Moab's community-oriented vibe and is happy to live in a place where she can continue her practice as an artist, graphic designer and creative expression advocate.

DJ Little OkraDJ Little Okra

I grew up in a snowy place and felt the need to leave . I have had a lifelong love affair with music. In the mid 1980’s I discovered the pan-dimensional musical world of New Orleans and rural Louisiana. In the early 1990’s I discovered the Red Rocks of Utah. Life has never been the same since.

Love playing some Deep Fried Yum! Funky grooves and soulful melodies! Music from all over, with an accent on the music of New Orleans and Louisiana. Saxophones, Sousaphones, Big Bass Drums, Accordions, Brass Bands, Guitar Slingers, Island Beats and more.

DJ SonarDJ Sonar

#1 sub for DJ Honeywine's Rocketship Radio, formerly DJ Narwhal of Bopp-It, current cohost of #1 KZMU call-in-advice show.

Ed NettellEd Nettell

Ed has been involved with bands since the early 1940s. He enjoys playing concert band music on his Concert in the Park, since his is the only program which plays that genre.

Herman FernandoHerman Fernando

From the quiet hollows of the Rio Grande Valley, (Coyote), comes the Tall Whispering Pine: they call him the Bluebird, Herman Fernando Herrera. Born and raised in the mountains of the Jemez, the San Pedro Wilderness (La Mesa Poleo), the Peppermint Mountain. Music is in his heart. It flows through his blood; his Ancestors both musicians and woodcarvers. He too is a recording musician, woodcarver, Father, Husband, DJ , and as Sorida, his Grandmother once said," Herman is a caretaker of the land". Life brough him to Moab 10 years ago when his Father was stricken with cancer. He has never forgotten his love for Lain music. While in Espanola, New Mexico, he was a local buinessman, and choir director. Herman was also a long time DJ for KDCE radio, and hopes to bring that NM Texas and Mexican Lain sound to KZMU in beautiful Moab,Utah-- on the show 'Entre Las Piedras" on Sunday nights at 9pm. There is no greater value in a man than the one his fellow men bestow upon him,,, so in closing, we give you HERMAN FERNANDO, The Tall Whispering Pine, The Blue Bird, El Pajaro Sin Alas.

Jake BurnettJake Burnett

Wednesday Drive Time, 4-6 pm
I am old, and in my long life, I’ve mastered several skill sets. I’m a master carpenter, gardener, boatman, cook and fire-maker. And, I play good music. I don’t have a cell phone or a computer.

Jason PronovostJason Pronovost

Jason loves Moab and the Blues. When he isn't building stuff, he's
out exploring the red rock or brewing his own

Jazzy JosieJazzy Josie

Sonically sensitive Colorado Plateau native, Josie co-hosted Random Tooonage at KZMU for a decade, and is now back on Thursday afternoons with Dream Soup.

Jessica TurquetteJessica Turquette

When she's not spinning slammin beats on the Rainbow Room, Jessica looks after two awesome wiener dogs and co-owns the Moab Barkery on 100 W.

Kaye DavisKaye Davis

When she's not spinning slammin beats on the Rainbow Room, Kaye practices being an amazing chef and co-owns the Moab Barkery on 100 W.

Keith GKeith G

Reggae is the best!

Kristina YoungKristina Young

Host Kristina Young moved to the Southwest in 2010, and has spent her time studying the desert ever since. She worked for the USGS Southwest Biological Science Center in Moab for four years, and is currently finishing up her Master’s degree in soil ecology from Northern Arizona University, where she is a Wyss Scholar for Conservation of the American West. As a strong believer in the importance of science communication, Kristina loves talking about and exploring all things science.

LX SkyeLX Skye

LX Skye hosts THE SKYE'S THE LIMIT, Mondays at Noon (MT). LX Skye specializes in theme shows, covering classic rock, blues, soul, jazz and oldies but goodies. Born on The South Side Of Chicago, with 7 crazy years in Boulder, Colorado in the early 70's, LX has a been a resident of Moab for 41 years. A collector of great music, LX shares his 6,000 CD collection, with his listeners on his show.

LX records some incredible playlists, so check out our Playlists page to view his playlists during or after his show.



Maddy WrightMaddy Wright

Madeline hosts Thursday Drive Time.

I’m a weirdo-local with a silly disposition! I dance, sing, frolic through flowery meadows and bake cookies in my free time. My favorite color is Rainbow, because I can’t pick just one. My dream is to live in a magical forest, sing to animals, and eat poison apples so a prince will come get me.


Maggot is as distorted as the metal he plays. Tune in, turn it up, and bang your head!

Meagan CoyMeagan Coy

I absolutely love coming to the studio at KZMU to share the music that touches my soul. When not at the studio, I am gardening, teaching yoga, exploring the beauty of the area and working at Twisted Sistas Cafe. Happy to be a part of the Moab Mamas crew now for almost two years.

Meagan SteeleMeagan Steele

Meagan is a fun-loving, outspoken, active music enthusiast who has resided in Moab since February 2015. She is the mother of one beautiful daughter, Bailey Marie. Meagan has been part of the KZMU family since May of this year. Her future ambitions include furthering her involvement in music promotions here in Moab and surrounding areas, taking full advantage of all of the outdoor adventure opportunities Moab has to offer, and possibly owning operating her own business one day.

Miguel McCormackMiguel McCormack

Miguel eschews most digital technology and yearns for a simpler and quieter time. Musically, he attempts to mirror the beautiful tragedy that is life by interweaving songs of hope and despair.

Oblio JonesOblio Jones

Oblio Jones has often felt confused about his role in the world. Praise community radio.

Paul SmythPaul Smyth

Always happy to bring you the best in big band music new and old!

Peggy HodgkinsPeggy Hodgkins

Mojo Mondays, Monday 2-4 pm
Peggy is a geologist by trade but a DJ at heart. Hailing from Pensacola, Florida, Peggy has studied rocks from Colombia to British Columbia but finds the rocks in the Moab area to be the most inspiring.

Perry HouckPerry Houck

Do you like oldies, but find the oldies station repetitive? Do you appreciate abrupt changes of tempo? Do you like a mixed bag of Blues, Reggae, Jazz, Classic Rock, Dubstep and Soulful Hip-Hop? Then check out Big Rock Candy Mountain with Perry every Tuesday 7-9 pm. All genres allowed -- almost all requests honored...

Sea ChantySea Chanty

I'm a long lost radio pirate that has wandered the seas without a safe harbor for many years. I first got involved with radio in the late 80's at KVMR, a small community station in Nevada City, CA. I began by volunteering at our monthly Nightlive Concerts - one of the longest running regular live radio broadcast shows. I eventually got the courage to step up to the mic as a broadcaster and "Pirates and Poets" was born. Through community radio I became involved in music festivals and live music events, primarily folk and bluegrass. After several years there, I was set adrift until eventually landing at KRFC in Fort Collins, CO. In the meantime I kept up my chops through pirate radio broadcasts at several music festivals throughout California and Colorado. I also hosted workshops, MC'd, and even helped organize the Millpond Music Festival for a few years. My exposure and love for world music also evolved during this time. In 2003, a change in my day job meant lifting anchor once again, drifting for the next nine years.

I'm thrilled to have shipwrecked here in Moab, where I discovered your little radio treasure chest at KZMU! The "Freakin' Magic" that is FM Radio is expressed best in small community stations like this one. My gratitude to the universe is unbounded. Pirates and Poets once again has a port to sail from and a regularly scheduled launch time - every other Tuesday from 4-6 PM. I hope to be able to navigate with ease from wild shores of lost continents to the front porch of deep roots Americana. To steal a line from one of my all time DJ hero's (thanks Peggy Lou) - "I wouldn't be here if you didn't turn me on" ... so climb aboard matey, pull up the plank, and let's set sail in search of musical adventures.

Silas RappeSilas Rappe

The #1 Son is Uncle Meat's musical apprentice, youth worker and family man. We play blues from today’s and yesterday’s best artists, along with just about every musical genre in between. You really never know what you’re going to get when Uncle Meat and #1 Son get behind the wheel but be certain good tunes will be had!

Socka Flocka FlameSocka Flocka Flame

I used to do a radio show out of my bedroom called Brain Fart Radio. It was for me, maybe 3 friends heard it when I handed them the tapes I made of it. I love hold in your hand stuff, and doing things that you're "not supposed to." Like obsessing over all these amazing records coming out these days, spending hours recording my drum machine punk band in my cabin, and spending a lot of my time and resources on this weird, beautiful underground world of punk/hc/metal/noise/weird/diy stuff. I've loved it when bands played on Operation Punk Subversion and/or came on to do an interview. Get in touch if you are playing some kind of noise, weird music and you look to disintegrate your ego thru your project, we would have a fun time talking on air! In addition to radio stuff, I like setting up music events in Moab, so get in touch about that as well!

Spirit SoulSpirit Soul

Just passing through the non-existence, once incarnate in the mind of the bride of Elvis. Not in the eye of the beholder. Once traded for Charles Barkley in the digital underclass olympics. Hosts Conscious Party, Tuesdays 9pm-11pm.

Suede JonesSuede Jones

Suede Jones is a transplant from Columbus, Ohio. This Funky Soul Brother enjoys long walks on a candle-lit beach, puppies, long debates on women's rights, being wrong. Tune into the Funky Soul Jam Fridays at 7pm, and let the Funky Soul Brothers play some funky tunes.

The ImmigrantThe Immigrant

Wednesday Drive Time, 4-6 pm
Howard Trenholm was born in England and raised in Scotland until he emigrated to the USA in 1988. He lived and worked in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Colorado before finding Moab in 1996. He moved to Moab in 1997 and has been a DJ since 2000…wow, really? Music has always been a part of his life, since cassettes and vinyl. Old music is great but being a DJ and checking out the new keeps him motivated.

Tobin WainerTobin Wainer

I have been with KZMU since I was about six years old. I am currently 16 years old and love to jam!

Uncle MeatUncle Meat

Uncle Meat is a founding father of KZMU, proprietor of the legendary Main Street Broiler (now defunct) and longtime Moab musical guru. The #1 Son is his musical apprentice, youth worker and family man. We play blues from today’s and yesterday’s best artists, along with just about every musical genre in between. You really never know what you’re going to get when Uncle Meat and #1 Son get behind the wheel but be certain good tunes will be had!