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Authors and Story on This Week in Moab – with host Christy Williams Dunton

Join Christy Williams Dunton as she explores new literature on This Week in Moab. She starts with guest Kym Mele, who authored “Disaster at Cane Creek: An Unforgettable Story Especially For Those Who Lived It.” Mele tells the story of the 1963 potash mine explosion, the rescue mission, and the miners who lost their lives. Also on the broadcast is Elana Davidson, who recently penned “Finding Your Own Happy: The Soul Searchers Guide to Peace and Happiness in Everyday Life.” The book shares Davidson’s own insights and tools to create greater happiness and fulfillment in life. You’ll also hear an excerpt from Dunton’s conversation with Jamie Bernstein, whose book “Famous Father Girl” about composer Leonard Bernstein, hit shelves this year.

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