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KZMU is a grassroots, community radio station isolated in the dramatic landscapes of Canyonlands and the Colorado Plateau. Our home is the small tourist town of Moab, Utah, 120 miles from the nearest city. Because of Moab's remote location, there are very few audio alternatives. KZMU is truly an aural oasis in the desert airwaves of Southeastern Utah.

We are an all-volunteer station served by 80 DJ's and part-time staff of 4. As a Pacifica affiliate, all of our programming is locally originated with the addition of nationally prized Democracy Now and a small selection of regional productions.  KZMU is about music, all kinds of music, that connects community members to one another,  to the wider world and having fun while we're at it.  We aren't particularly polished, we don't always know what we're going to do next, but you can be sure that whatever you hear will be spontaneous, fun and full of positive energy. Indeed, our mission statement reads that KZMU's mission is to "inform, educate, engage, entertain and delight."

We were born in 1992 in a dilapidated old trailer that the National Park Service abandoned. Seven years later, we completed our modest but comfy permanent station high atop Rocky Road overlooking the Moab valley with the help of our loyal listeners who made it financially possible. In 2008, with the help of a grant from Rocky Mountain Power and the support of listeners like you, the KZMU studio became 100 percent solar powered.  We are the greenest, wild and free sound this side of the Rockies. Moab has only around 8,000 residents but their generosity is legendary and overwhelming. We wouldn't exist without them, because we ARE them.  

Our format is none. We have mostly 2-hour shows that feature the intuitive whim of the DJ on deck.  This approach allows maximum creativity and freedom.    DJ's are encouraged to cultivate their creative contribution to community with minimum intervention  and plenty of training in the art of  radio by a supportive staff.  We've got 24 hours of local programming, with live, local volunteer DJ's usually going from 9 am to around midnight. Our overnight jukebox rotates thousands of rare and tasty tracks.

Aside from showcasing the best of Independent unsigned artists, blending jazz, blues folk, bluegrass, country, Americana, Latin American, African, Cuban Creole Reggae Native American, Broadway Musicals, Big Band, Autoharp, Alternatwang, Technohouse, TripHop and all shades of Rock, we are deeply dedicated to the educational and public affairs elements of our mission.  Saturdays are big broadcast days for area youth.  "Children's Shine Time" airs at 9 am with parents and kids (usually between 6 and 8 years old) play music that inspires and amuses.  "Tween Time" airs at 4pm Saturday, and the teens take over from 7 to 9 Saturday with the "Teenage Wasteland'.  

City and County Council meetings broadcast live, hours of weekly public affairs programming with 'This Week in Moab and Free Speech Friday", Hispanic Community happenings with Spanish speaking "Ritmo Latino", sunday morning Indigenous sounds fro  to 9 amd with "Native Spirit" . The Trading Post mid day Fridays will connect you to everything from a belly laugh to the nearest yard sale through the warped and wonderful stylings of the Fabulous Kiffmeyer brothers.  Just to name a few.

Not to Brag or anything, But:  In a world of radio that is overwhelmingly corporate, impersonal, over-commercialized, canned, unimaginative, misinformed, and disengaged,  we at KZMU are proud to open our doors, empower an engaged community,  to encourage authentic personality, to hear the spice of life through diversity in story and song. Our call letters say it all, "Krank Zee Music Up!"


100% solar-powered!
100% solar-powered!
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